War Missives

10th Game Day

Moving to the edge of the platform the party looked down to see orcs climbing the stairs towards them. An orc leading them barked orders to one of the orcs and it turned and began heading down (presumably to get reinforcements) but Bryan summoned his mystical forces and killed him just before the orc got out of range. Three orcs armed with bellybows began pelting the party, trying to push one of them off the edge to his death but although close no party member quite reached the edge. Frustrated the orc barked out more orders and a second orc headed down but was brought down by the party before he could head out. Enraged now, the orc charged up the stairs towards the party and proceeded to whirl his weapon around him nearly throwing two party members off the platform to the rocks below. Steadily pelted by the party as he worked his way around the platform the orc was cut down and the other orcs quickly followed to their deaths.

Advancing into the chasm the party searched the caves and tunnels until they found a way to advance deeper into the bowels of the monastery. Moving through the tunnels the party heard orcish and advancing cautiously they found a forge room ablaze with an out of control fire, multiple collapsed tunnels, and ten orcs beating a dwarf to death. Jumping into the room the party was almost overwhelmed by the ferocity of the orcs seargent, being assisted by an orc crone from behind who healed him a few times didn’t help the situation. Starting the fight Bryan managed to crit the seargent and pushed him back into the roaring fire where he came out still smoldering and filled with hate. A few orcs were killed quickly but the seargent and the crone proved difficult and a few party members found themselves on the floor dying before the healers could get them back up. Bryan moved behind the orcs to blast them, but reluctantly let the shot he had worked so hard for go in order to drop a healing potion down the wounded dwarfs throat. Finding himself alive and furious at the orcs the dwarf Kalad jumped up, grabbed a nearby shovel and (filling it with hot coals) advanced on the orcs that had destroyed his friends and home. The orc seargent meanwhile had managed to drop Frost but in doing so he allowed Frost to heal Balasar who stood back up and finally managed to kill the orc, thus ending the fight.


Gotta have some respect for a dwarf that after being nearly beaten to death, gets up and charges his agressor with nothing but a shovel full of hot coal.

10th Game Day

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