War Missives

14th Game Day

After meeting with the Stoneholm city council, it was time for The Guardians of Fate to take some well deserved rest and relaxation. With the invading force cut off from attacking, the threat of all out war diminished rapidly. The party took the time to enjoy the local culture and see the sites around the city.

Lucan, looking to keep her bardic abilities sharp, worked out an arrangement with a local tavernkeeper. She would provide an evening of entertainment for the tavern patronage in exchange for a share of the night’s take. Her performance went off without a hitch with the help of Bryan who used his presdigitation talent to add atmosphere. The walk home that night however was even more eventful.

The Lost Ones, a local group of thieves, had targeted The Guardians of Fate. The party walked right into their trap. After a hard fought battle, The Lost Ones all lay dead. The party learned that the thieves were after a key the party had acquired. A note described the party and indicated the key was the main target, signed by the name Modra.

After some investigation the party, with the aid of Reniss, discovered that a person by the name of Modra who had put out the hit on the party and that at one time he hung out at a poor house run by some paladins of Pelor by the name of The Happy Beggar. Modra was an arms dealer who had been supplying weapons to the invaders. He had recently gone missing due to what had sounded like a deal that had gone south.

The Guardians of Fate visited the paladins of Pelor and took up their offer of food and shelter. That night the party searched the building and discovered a secret entrance that lead beneath the city.



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