War Missives

15th Game Day

The Guardians of Fate along with Reniss proceeded down beneath the city of Stoneholm. By the looks of the place, no one had step foot through these passageways in a very long time. When the passageway opened up to a small cavern the party was attacked by bats who did not take kindly to the our intrusion.

After dispatching the bats, The Guardians of Fate discovered others working just beyond the cavern. They were moving cargo in and out of portal that led to an unknown location. We surmised that perhaps this was the weapons were being moved around without notice. With a shoot first and ask questions later attitude, the party eliminated the workers and proceeded to examine the portal closely. The portal led to somewhere locally, but we could not tell where without actually using it. It was at this point that the party heard someone in the next room.

The party burst through to door and surprised Modra himself who vanished through a gate before we could apprehend him, but not before Modra summoned some nasty wraiths to delay our pursuit of him. After a long hard fight, the party discovered how to activate the gate and pursue Modra.

The gate took The Guardians of Fate to Shadowfell. Here the party was mistaken for a group of mercenaries. We are headed toward their encampment now.



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