War Missives

5th Game Day

Having dispatched the Deathlock Wight and his skeletal allies the party moved down the corridor and deciding to head towards some wimpering sounds they found a room with some eerie statues of Displacer Beasts. Moving quietly Cole relayed back that the wimpering was coming from a woman chained to an alter. The party cautiously advanced into the room and were prepared for the three Dire Rats they found had been gnawing on the woman. Nearly finished with the rats the party was jumped by two Goblins that were quick to slide their blades deep into the party members. After killing the Goblins the party carefully calmed the frightened woman and found she was Mirtala and was suffering from a disease from the rats thus prompting Cole to clean his bite wounds carefully. Jarlissa took her in hand and supported her as the party moved forward once again in search of more captives. Examing the altar the party discovered it was actually dedicated to The Raven Queen and took a few minutes to clean and honor the altar.

Moving back to the corridor and then further down they discovered a room with four pillars, the pillars seeming to project some restraining field that held a Carnage Demon captive. Moving cautiously around the edge of the room the party was not surprised when a Zombie appeared and released the demon. A vicious fight followed with the party trying to fend the Carnage Demon off from the center of their ranks while two Zombies kept attacking their flanks and disappearing to return and stab again. Cleaving the Carnage Demon and releasing it from this world the party quickly killed the two Zombies just seconds before they would have opened the door and summoned reinforcements.

Backing away from the door quietly and catching their breaths the party then rushed the next room and Balasar was promptly blinded by the spellcasting Goblin. While blind two Zombies started stabbing and slicing Balasar mercilessly. Knowing that the caster could keep blinding everyone Cole, Lucan, and Bryan made sure he was dead before turning to return the two Zombies to their final rest. Searching the room the party found three of the relics they had been tasked to find, the ceremonial platinum longsword, three broken hand shields, and a heraldic battle standard.

With Balasar having taken the brunt of the blows that day he pulled his bow out and Lucan offered to take point for awhile. She felt she could handle some basic fights and would give the paladin some time to recover. Leaving the room behind the party moved down the only door left to them on this level and found the hobgoblin leader Sinruth. Sinruth began calling for his guards but none were left behind alive after the partys clearing of the catacombs and he was forced to fight the party solo. Using his spiked chain to his advantage Sinruth began slicing party members and even stomped on their heads after he dropped them to the ground, however he was no match for the party while alone and died cursing someone known only as the Emmisary. Checking his body the party found a note from the Emisarry as well as maps of the area outside. The last two remaining relics, the gauntlets and dragon crest helm, were found in his room thus closing the search for the relics, leaving only two captives left to find before they could leave this place and head back to Brindol.


(Lucan’s Point of View) Game Day 5- I am starting to believe that if this group is to be consistently successful-we need to balance out the damage a bit. Since I am a leader, I will take the responsibility of leading at least one fight a day. The group will only go as far as the paladin has times to recover from the beating he is taking. Hopefully, others will see my point of view and take some of the pressure off of our one defender. May-be a rotation could be successful. It will be a fight by fight call…

5th Game Day

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