War Missives

6th Game Day

Leaving Sinruth dead body behind the party moved up to the front room and choose to go through the northern door into a room filled with strange giant mushrooms. While moving carefully through the room they were attacked by two large drakes but were able to fight them off with little damage to the party. Hearing cries for help from the next room they found Zerriksa held in a magic circle. Touching the outside damaged both the person touching as well as the person trapped inside. Cole and Bryan were able to spot a moment in time where the circle would flicker out briefly and Cole was then able to leap into the circle and help rescue the woman. When freed she promptly began cursing the party for being so slow and careless with her, wondering why it had taken so long to rescue her. Balasar then stepped up and fiercly demanded she be quiet and cowed by his visage she was much more complient the entire time she remained with the party.

Moving back up to the first room again the party advanced through the only remaining door, finding a room with a series of arcane marking on the ground spelling out the name of the family entombed here. Carefully skirting the edge of the marks the party had nearly made it out of the room when scores of lizards swarmed out of the alcoves and begain attacking them. The party found it hard to maintain their footing around so many of these creatures and were constantly pulled down by the mass of lizards, only to find the lizards were even more dangerous when you were on the ground. While battling the two swarms two goblins snuck out of the shadows and started to slice the party members but some sudden blasts from Bryan pushed the creatures back, giving time and room for Balasar to escape, and pushing them onto the arcane runes that sparked up and helped kill the creatures. Finding Adronsious in the room they were able to revive him with some water and unlocked his chains with a key they found on one of the goblins.

Having rescued all the captives except for poor Kartenis the party took a much needed rest (before heading back to the city) during which they found that one of the relics, the ceremonial platinum sword, seemed to be magical. Sertanian swore that the sword had never been found to have any magical properties but Bryan was certain that the sword possessed some magical traits but he couldn’t identify them. Although magical, it didn’t appear to be the standard type of offensive enchantment normally placed on weapons.

Arriving at the city they found Brindol still smoking from the attack, a sense of hopelessness pervading the area as people worked to clear the damage and bury their dead. As the party moved down the streets the citizens began noticing them and whispers became shouts that then turned to cheers for the party that had successfully returned with their lost people alive and well.

Arriving at the Hall of Valor the party presented Lord Troyas and the council the recovered relics as well as the freed captives. Lord Troyas issued a proclamation that there would be a feast in the partys honor and that to commemorate the occasion a Battle Standard of Honor would be created for the party to display. The party was escorted to their inn where they were able to rest and cleanup before the party and while there a scribe from the council arrived to take the partys charter. After some discussion the party decided on the name Guardians of Fate to indicate both their beliefs to The Raven Queen and to their goals of protecting people that needed their help.

The feast was well attended and the party found their sudden roles of heroes slightly uncomfortable but managed to smile and give the people the hope they desperately needed after the attack. The feast raged on late into the night and thinned out only when the party decided to leave to rest and answer a letter requesting their presence from Alys.

Leaving for Cohens house the next morning the party was greeted by cheers and well wishes the entire trip through the city. Seemingly known by everyone in the city now the party felt a renewed sense of hope and peace from the citizens and hoped they would be able to live up to the expectations that were beginning to show in the people eyes. Walking through the city they heard rumors and snatches of conversation, talk of a massive army of orcs that was marching on Overlook, an army large enough to sound the call for all militia and any adventurers to come to their aid. There was mention that the famous group “The Farstriders” (known for defeating a dragon) had answered the call as well as the local party “The Freeriders”.

After their arrival at Cohens house Alys explained that Cohen had been the last of the Diamond League and that he had been sent by The Raven Queen to help the characters when they needed him in their lives. Cohen had told her that the party would come one day and would be following a path set forth for them by The Raven Queen but that he never told them so it would be their choice to follow the path, to discover it on their own with being privy to any “prophecy”. He never told her what they would do but hinted that they would be far greater then the Diamond League ever had been. along with the revelations she presented the party with some items that Cohen had collected for them. Weapons, wands, bags, and headbands were pulled from storage and each member of the party found themselves with a few magic items to help them in their endeavors.

While leaving Alys mentioned that Fealecks had asked that they contact him when they could. It seems that a young woman by the name of Nuala had asked him for some help dealing with someone that wouldn’t take No for an answer.

Lucan’s Point of View- The group survived and did what it was asked to do. The city loved us. (Flavor of the moment.) Our 15 minutes is now up. Found out that Cohen was not as forthcoming as I had hoped. This is group “special”. Maybe these are the one’s that were sent to help me. I got my first magic items!!!! Never ending chalk…hmmm….and a money exchanger. At least now I can write my lyrics anywhere and if I ever run into the mythical dragon’s horde with a billion copper pieces at least I will be able to carry it away (in time). I have a feeling that this group will be able to succeed where other failed. My understanding is the only one in the group that can not cure themselves or regenerate injuries is the wizard. Tactial Idea: The first contact should be either the ranger or myself, then let the paladin clean up. I have stopped training in melee based attacks. If things progress, that means I will be completly ranged by paragon level. (If we survive…)



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