War Missives

7th Game Day

Fealecks joined the Guardians of Fate briefly to help Nuala with problem while Cole is away at the councils request.

Cole agrees to lead a group of scouts to the ambush sites marked on Sinruth map.

Lucan’s Pont of View-Fealecks asked the group to help a damsel in distress who was being leaned on by a vampire. Damn men. Damn undead. Went to s farm outside of town to meet her. Took on a the group that cleaning up after taking the prey. The fight was long and difficult…for a moment I wasn’t sure if all of us were going to make it…but the group prevailed…. I do remember one whistling for wolves but the wolves ran away with their leader already meeting the Raven Queen. I marked the one that we let get away so that if we meet again I will know…with the information the goon gave us the ranger did a damn good job finding the way into their lair. After crossing a river and going upstream Fealecks found the direction of their lair within the muddy water soaked area. Couldn’t hear a damn thing too much water…The paladin and ranger snuck up to the guards (swimming no less)...well somehow I was seen and then a trap from hell shot at me…took a bard surge away from me with a single shot…after disposing of the three guards in relatively easy fashion..then the group came across several (at least 20???) underlings…but thankfully my inspring notes allowed the group to not get injured as much because of their temporary inspiration (hit points) that my guidance allowed. As I end this journal entry it has been a long day already, but I sense I have yet a while still until I can rest my head to sleep….



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