War Missives

9th Game Day

Having rescued Nuala from the sorcerer masquerading as a vampire, and routing the last vestiges of his cult; the party returned to Brindol.

While waiting for Cole to return from the scouting missions with the militia the party heard some rumors about the orc incursion to the west. Overlook had issued a general call to all militias to report in the defense of Bordrin’s Watch as well as a call to all adventuring parties for hire. Cole returned from the scouting mission with news that one of the ambush sites they were clearing was manned by orcs. This indicated that the orcs had found some way through the Stonehome Mountains and that Overlook could be in danger. The party held a quick discussion and decided to answer Overlook’s call and headed out the next morning.

Upon arriving the party found quick lodging and attended the Council of Elders meeting the next day. The meeting was held in a large auditorium with hundreds of people present, most assumed to be militia. As the meeting progressed it became clear that the hundred were in fact the leaders of various militias and the hundreds present represented thousands preparing for war. After the heads of the various militias received their orders, the adventuring companies were then approached and duties were offered and taken by various groups. The Guardians of Fate elected to head to the Monastery of the Sundered Chain and both warn the monks of the approaching orc horde as well as seal off the lower tunnels that could allow the orcs passage through the mountains.

The party set off early the next morning and arrived late that day to the sight of plumes of smoke coming from the Monastery…. it seems the monks already knew about the orcs and were all dead. Waiting until dusk they snuck up to the wall, climbed it, and were able to get the drop on the orcs guarding the entrance. The fight with the orc guards was brutal and only became more so when the orcs inside rushed out to help their brethren, an old orc crone spitting acid didn’t make it more enjoyable at all.

Clearing the initial room the party discovered a hidden staircase that descended through the floor over a hundred feet to a room lined with monks’ cells. A fierce battle broke out between the party and the orcs and orogs that were freshly exploring the room. Some heroic actions from Bryan caused the orogs tactics to fail and the party was able to win and then catch a breather before peeking out the far end of the room.

The party got a sense of the size of the world as they beheld the floor of the chasm another 200 feet below them after they had already descended hundreds of feet before. A series of steep stairs (setup with platforms as switchbacks to enable a safe passage to the floor) was crawling with orcs as they moved up to intercept the party, some armed with the bellybows that had pushed the characters around so easily before.



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