Half-Elf Female long brown hair with blue eyes.


Game Day 5- I am starting to believe that if this group is to be consistently successful-we need to balance out the damage a bit. Since I am a leader, I will take the responsibility of leading at least one fight a day. The group will only go as far as the paladin has times to recover from the beating he is taking. Hopefully, others will see my point of view and take some of the pressure off of our one defender. May-be a rotation could be successful. It will be a fight by fight call…


Lucan was born to an elf mother and a never mentioned human father. She learned that gettting along with others is the easiest way to learn information and create a positive enviornment. Cohen helped Lucan with a personal goal of inner enlightenment and family history.

Lucan believes in being the example of a group leader by the valor in her motives. In her first adventure with her new group: Fighting undead, saved citizens, but no new information has come to light.


War Missives Lucan