War Missives

4th Game Day

The respite the party had earned found them ready for the perils of the dungeon but with a new confidence they hadn’t displayed before. Each member felt bold enough to display various abilities they had been practicing lately thereby expanding on the party’s strength as a whole once again.

3rd Game Day

The party (Cohens Cohorts, Furious Five, Furries Rule, ??) quietly talked amongst themselves to try and decide where they should head next. East or west looked much the same and west fell to the left and the party moved to the door.

2nd Game Day

The party retreated to rest up, and licked its wounds, then scouted the area to see if there was an alternate way into the catacombs. After an hour or so of searching they were fairly certain that the goblins had no secondary way out and ventured into the catacombs once more.

1st Game Day

The various characters gathered in the city of Brindol to mourn the passing of a missionary of The Raven Queen by the name of Cohen. After atttending the viewing they were informed by his granddaughter Alys that there would be a wake the following day at the Antler and Thistle tavern in his honor.


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