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  • Lord Eoffram Troyas

    Lord Troyas is the newest councilmember. He's well mannered and has a reputation for being cunning in his dealings. The most liberal of the council, Troyas is swift to act and seems to have a knack for being the first in town to know about events. Fresh …

  • Nuala

    Conceived in Brindol, but born in the Feywild, her mother was banished for an unknown reason. Nuala has returned to find out the truth of her ancestry.

  • Zerriksa

    An old highly disagreeable woman. While prisoner in the catacombs she played on the fears of the goblins and pretended to have dark magic to keep them at bay.

  • Alys

    Although not related to Cohen she claims him as her grandfather simply because he has raised her as his own after she was found by him among the remains of a destroyed caravan. In possesion of Cohens estate she has some info about his past and allows the …

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