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  • Lucan

    Lucan came to Brindol to find information that was important to his family. He has searched most of the area and being in Brindol seems to be a sticking point. Second level Bard Loves to tell "Yo-Mamma" jokes

  • Bryan

    Sontino's Wizard p>. [[Player Characters|Back]] p>. [[Main Page]]

  • Frost


    A rough looking shifter that seems to notice everything around him, dual waraxes strapped to his waist. Generally friendly and supportive of the Guardians of Fate adventuring company.

  • Cole

    I should be dead. As a plebe to the Resolute Two Hundred, they deliberately underfed us. In order to survive we had to steal. I lost count the number of times I almost bought it. The guard's crossbow, the farmer's pitchfork, the huntsman's dogs, the …

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